The Summer Solstice

Wednesday 21st, 2023

Arrival at the Ceremony

5:00 PM

Parking will be designated by indicators in the field when you arrive. Please arrive at Five o'clock as the ceremony to take place at Five Thirty. 

The Ceremony

5:30 PM

The ceremony will be held in the garden, there will be a designated path bringing you to the garden with light refreshments available while you wait for the ceremony to begin.


6:00 PM

The reception will be held in the yard right next to the garden. We will go directly from the ceremony into toasts and speeches so on your way please grab a glass of the specially brewed cyser mead (or an alcohol-free beverage), a replacement for champaign that Angelina and Axel made themselves.

Quiet Time

10:00 PM

With the sun long set and the festivities dying down, we invite you to camp out in the field if you cannot safely drive at this point, please plan ahead accordingly. 10pm is the time to settle down into your tents or drive back to your respective homes or hotels.