The Reception

General info

The reception is being held next to the ceremony garden, there will be tents set up for the designated reception area.

There will be restrooms right next to the reception and ceremony areas, they have running water and electricity for lighting.

Unless you have spoken to Jerry or Kat, please be respectful and do not enter the house, thank you.

Also please do not pet or feed the animals, there will be a lot of new humans they're seeing for the first time and we don't want to cause them any stress.


The wedding will take place in the garden, so please select appropriate footwear for looser soil than normal (stilettos, for example, wouldn't be the best choice). The rest of the attire think "garden party," nothing extremely formal, but still nicer clothes than everyday-wear.


There will be food catered by the Beefy Boys food truck as a custom menu for the reception. Despite the caterer's name, there will be vegan options available at the reception. 

There will be a dessert station with cupcakes in the place of a large cake. Angelina and Axel will have a small cake for the cake cutting tradition.

On the RSVP form please let us know if you have any allergies.


There will be refreshments available as well including: signature sangria, beer, wine, and plenty of alcohol-free beverages.

There will also be a special drink in replacement of champagne: a cyser mead that Angelina and Axel made themselves for the wedding toast.